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The biggest challenge for a charity, such as The Durbanville Children's Home, is cash flow. We urge you to consider making a monthly contribution of R100,00 and help us improve our service delivery to children in need.

Our mandate is to care for 144 traumatized children who were placed in our care by the court and fully provide for all their needs.  More importantly, we are a second home for them.

The support and therapeutic services we provide are very labor-intensive which makes it very costly. Our children attend 34 different schools, which entails large transport costs. We also encourage our children to participate in extra-curricular activities as much as possible. This means that it currently costs us R7 000 per month, per child.

The Durbanville Children's Home receives a government subsidy of 30% and therefore relies heavily on donors for funds and donations.

  How can you make a difference ...........

We appeal to you to assist us in meeting our children's basic needs by making a financial contribution of R100 per month. Through your involvement, you will be connected to one of our children and have the opportunity to get a glimpse into their lives.

  • You will receive the age, likes, dislikes, and basic information of the child you sponsor, as well as a brief progress report twice a year.
  • You may write to the child you are sponsoring.
  • Take note: We must take the child's feelings into account in everything we do and for this reason we cannot arrange personal meetings with the child, but you will be like a guardian angel who will assist the child during his/her stay at the home.
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