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Ankerdata is a quality IT provider focussing on the development, marketing and support of complete platforms for the Hotel, Restaurant and Retail Industries.

Our solutions are End to End and are designed for complexity reduction and affordability.

Our primary goals are to provide our customers with the latest affordable technologies and support excellence to ensure that they gain and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Since 1976, Ankerdata has invested considerable resources in research and development in inventory, point of sale and property management systems. Each product has a dedicated sales and support team.

We have our own set of highly qualified and experienced computer specialists at the core of our development team All development is thoroughly researched and tested in both beta and live environments prior to general release.

Ankerdata is currently shipping its seventh generation systems, including Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Cash Control, Management Reporting, Multiple Store Data Management and Enterprise Management. Ankerdata’s lasting success is underpinned by old-fashioned business ethics. Our customers are our partners and our word is our bond.

Inter-active on-line knowledge sharing with protel hotel software’s head office in Dortmund has also produced substantial and ongoing benefits for protel users in Southern Africa. From an installation of a thousand POS units for a famous German bakery chain to a fully integrated hotel management/POS/ inventory system for a major South African hotel chain, Ankerdata prides itself on delivering world-class products backed with unsurpassed service excellence.

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With over 20 years of in-house research and development, Digitot products are high-quality turnkey solutions specifically tailored for the hospitality industry

Digitot has a global reach with many distribution partners internationally.

We have successfully expanded our business year on year and we are proud to trade with all 6 continents, providing a complete control solution to the hospitality industry.

Our scope of products include:

Point of sale software, Digitot Inventory Control Software, Spirit dispensers, draught beer/portion control equipment and stock taking solutions.

Our customers include small, medium and large organisations, specialized groups and individuals.

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IQ Green Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is a company that has invested in the research of Dr Gilbert Hinze and his ECA applications. ECA is a state of the art water disinfection technology with applications for a cleaner environment for water treatment industries, food industries, livestock industries, medical and health solutions as well as replacement for antibiotics in some cases.

IQ Green Solutions is investing in the applications of Electro-Chemically Activated Water solutions (ECAW), developed over the past 16 years in a variety of fields in South Africa, China, Europe and the USA. Many application parameters have been well defined, but have been lying dormant for several years due to a combination of factors such as unreliable devices, regulatory constraints and a lack of funding due to the vastness of the technology.

Some novel applications have been developed by Dr Hinze in an array of fields such as Medicine, Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing, Horticulture and Water Treatment.

With his active participation, we intend to gradually commercialise the applications and thereby creating commercial applications and products that will either eliminate or significantly reduce the use of hazardous and toxic chemicals on the one hand whilst eliminating and preventing diseases caused by pathogens on the other.

In order to achieve this objective IQ Green Solutions has achieved the following:

Secured an exclusive supply agreement for reliable, fully automated devices of various capacities and solution concentrations. Devices and solutions that carry FDA, USDA and EPA compliances and approvals. A complete inventory of spare cells and other parts are carried locally.

Secured a Research and Development agreement with a leading University in South Africa involving various Strategic Academic Clusters for the development, validation and publication of various interventions and applications.

This also includes the development and registration of products, including filing of intellectual property.

Secured an agreement with a leading Pharmaceutical Company for the production of disinfectant and sterilant solutions, including detergents for the use in hospitals and health care facilities for the reduction of nosocomial or hospital infections.

We will also produce solutions for topical application on burn wounds and endocrine ulcers.

Lastly, we will produce injectable solutions for the application in endoscopy and arthroscopy as microcidal lavages.


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