5-Year Goal

I have a passion, a vision and believe in my own capability and the concept of hSA with the experience I have gathered over 14 years, and yes I’m only 34 years of age.

When, I have gained multiple and excessive experience from the best I have met in the Industry.

I have this vision and life goal, which you can be apart of.

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hospitalitySA.com 🇿🇦 ‘South Africa Founded’ 2020
hospitalityIN.com 🇮🇳 'India Founded' 2021
hospitalityUE.com 🇦🇪 'Soon in Jumeirah Dubai’ 2022
thepalmgrand.com 🇦🇪 'Soon in Jumeirah Dubai’ 2024

Palm, DUBAI will not be the same as the other 3 business’s, but will be a unique Beach based 6-Star hospitality venue, serving food and beverages with LIVE entertainment and very exclusive that will attract the wealthy celebs of the world.

This will be a 5 Year Goal to have established all of the above. In that further administration will need to be action in each respective country as Registering the (Pty) Ltd, having the website completed, Marketing, Employing 4 employees in crucial positions (Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Accounts Manger and Business Developer), lease an appropriate office space, to begin with.

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